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Unhindered creativity by landscape artists should have the best resources to begin with. That’s why we are out out deliver the finest plywood. Avron Ply is built on its core pillars of Authenticity, Transparency & Sustainability – Building It Right. All products are a result of intense focus, precision and zero tolerance for the minutest defects, so you get a product which has been forged to endure. Each ply is crafted to perfect specification and undergoes stringent checks before getting our seal of approval. Made with double press technology using optimal core veneers, Avron Ply stands as a reflection of superior effort and worksmanship.

Avron Platinum

BWP | 710 - Marine Plywood

Most versatile ply bonded with undiluted Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, created to withstand the elements under extreme conditions.

Avron Red

MR Grade | Moisture Resistant Ply

Made using Melamine fortified Urea Formaldehyde resin, Avron Red ply is moisture resistant and ideal for indoor usage conditions.

Avron Alter

MR Grade | Alternate Ply

Made using alternate core veneers of Red Core and Poplar timber, Avron Alter Ply combines form with function to deliver performance under pressure.

Avron Club

100% Red Core | BWP Grade

Made using pre-press technology, Avron Club Ply is composed with BWP grade resin & exhibits exceptional structural integrity and weight bearing capacity.

Avron BWR

100% Red Core | Boiling Water Resistant Ply

Made with Pre-press technology to ensure uniform distribution of moisture & adhesive throughout every veneer for greater structural integrity.

Avron Flex

Flexible Plywood

Made using layers of thin plies making it easy to bend and more importantly retain its shape. Ideal for people looking to create unique furniture designs.

Avron Door

Block Boards | Flush Doors

Combining aesthetic form with durable strength, Avron Blockboards & Doors have an all-around pine frame filled with dried & seasoned hardwood timber.

Avron Shuttering

Film - Faced Shuttering Ply

Made using phenol resin & thick film under high pressure & temperature. The thicker film (45+gsm) ensures increased repeatability in formworks.

Avron Blockboard

Blockboard | MR | BWP

Avron Block boards are manufactured from the combination of selected, seasoned, durable Pine wood, are resistant to twisting /warping, has superb screw holding and nail holding capability.

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Core Values

Curated Quality

Each piece is created in a state of the art manufacturing facility where manual labor involvement is minimized.


Sustainability is the cornerstone on which our company’s foundation is built. We maintain a strict protocol of adapting only environmentally sustainable practices.

Effective Service

We are primarily a service company who happen to be manufacturing plywood. Effective Service is a pre-requisite, not an option.


We believe the only way to be heard in today’s world is by being authentic – in our communications & our actions.

Win - Win

We believe theirs always a solution which benefits both sides. It does not come easily but is always the right way to choose.


We look for better ways to communicate information about all things plywood, irrespective of the brand of plywood you ultimately choose to go with.

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